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Snatched and Sold - Part 2

Phoenix’s sweaty socks were crammed into his mouth and duct taped in place, so Phoenix could not spit them back out. The burly freak who bit him cuffed Phoenix’s right ankle, drew Phoenix’s leg back and pressed it tight against his back, ran the plastic cuff up under the cuff binding Phoenix’s wrists, wrested Phoenix’s left leg up, and cuffed its ankle as well. Bound up like a human pretzel, with his heels rested in his palms, Phoenix did not know what to do. He tugged on the cuffs, but they would not give at all. Still he kept trying.

The gunman shoved his weapon into the waistband of his jeans, crawled up front, started the van, and drove off into the night. Phoenix was not at all happy to find himself on the road with these two. The biter freak rolled Phoenix onto his side and brusquely groped Phoenix’s pecs through his t-shirt. He called up front to his partner in crime.

“Not much in the way of a chest on this one. Tits are flat as pancakes. Feels like there might be a pair of big, juicy nips under there though. You got big titty toppers, boy?”

Phoenix resented being manhandled and flew into a rage, struggled mightily to twist free of the bastard’s gropes, but the freak had probably thirty, maybe even forty pounds on him, and several inches. On a good day, Phoenix weighed in at just under two hundred pounds and was a couple of inches shy of six feet. So although no small fry, he was outmatched by this gorilla.

“Get your
fucking hands off me, you freak! I’m no faggot. Leave me alone! Let me go! Get the fuck off me, motherfucker! I’ll kick your fucking ass if you don’t let me go right now!”

Posted: 21:58, 2012-Aug-20
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Snatched and Sold - Part 1

Phoenix rushed out of the mall, gym bag slung over one shoulder, and sprinted towards the far lot where mall employees parked. He was super pissed at Joe, his manager, for making him stay late. It had not been that busy and Brendan could have handled the bar alone. Now he was late to meet Kitty, which might mean no pussy tonight. Phoenix had worked at the Bull & Bear for almost three years now, so he had seniority, and felt Joe should respect that and cut him some slack. Like all restaurants in the mall, the Bull & Bear was largely staffed by university students, so turnover was high, and three years was a long time.   

It was Phoenix’ senior year and he had no clue what he was going to do after graduation. He needed Kitty to ground him, to focus him, to keep him sane; or perhaps he just needed the sex. Either way, she was going to be pissed at him and he was going to have to kiss her ass all night if he was going to get some. Oh well, if that's what he had to do, then that's what he had to do. There was no way he was going home alone to jack off tonight.    

By the time Phoenix reached his Mustang, he was a bit winded. He had to quit smoking so much pot. He dug his keys out of his bag. Some asshole had parked their van so close that he could barely squeeze in to reach his door. It was so cramped that he fumbled his keys and almost dropped them, before he got them into the lock.

Before he could turn the key, the van door behind him slid open, and a sweaty palm clamped hard over his mouth. A wiry arm wrapped about his chest, pinning his left arm to his side. He dropped his gym bag.    

A second dude, larger and rougher than the first, joined the fray. He seized Phoenix’s right arm in a calloused fist, and twisted it up tight between Phoenix’s shoulder blades. His other hand burrowed down the seat of Phoenix’s sweatpants, snatched Phoenix by the nuts, and squeezed so hard that for a second Phoenix thought he might pass out. Phoenix thrashed about in a desperate play for freedom and hollered for the bastard to stop, but his cries were stifled by the hand over his mouth.

It all happened in a flash. Before he could recover to defend himself, Phoenix was dragged into the van, and pinned on his belly. Frantic to escape, he bucked hard, kicked and thrashed about, and strained to free his arms, all the while cursing his attackers. The sadistic bastard would not let up. Phoenix’s ears started to ring. Something cold and hard that Phoenix suspected was a gun, pressed into the back of his head. The gunman slid the van’s door shut with the toe of his boot and locked it.

“Don’t do anything stupid and you won’t get shot,” he said with a smirk.

With a gun to his head and his nuts in a vice, Phoenix couldn’t think straight. Before he could figure a next move, his wrists were seized and cinched tight behind his back with a pair of hard, plastic handcuffs. The gunman removed his hand from Phoenix’s mouth and shoved Phoenix’s face in his crotch. Phoenix got a whiff of its stale musk and almost puked. The bastard pinned him there and would not let him up, so he held his breath.

The burly bastard straddled Phoenix about the waist, grabbed Phoenix’s calf, and bent his leg back so painfully far that Phoenix's heel touched his ass. Phoenix thrashed about in a desperate attempt to squirm out from under the bastard and kicked at the bastard’s face, but only managed a couple of glancing blows that only seemed to annoy his attacker. The bastard yanked off Phoenix’s sneaker and sock, drew Phoenix’s foot up to his mouth, and bit Phoenix hard on the heel. Phoenix shrieked.

“What the fuck!”

The freak shoved Phoenix’s leg back to the floor, seized his other, and stripped its foot as well. Mercifully, he did not bite this time.

Posted: 21:24, 2012-Aug-20
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A Season Goes By - part 2

In the meanwhile I've been installing a lot of adult, and jerking off a lot, so much so that I believed I'd keep a depend of how many plenty I capture over the course of 2012. Only 17 periods in and I've already creamed 29 times.

However, I still have a few past encounters to write about, including hooking up with the Traveller again, meeting O again, which lead to me attending a sex party.

And maybe, just maybe, when the Moon is in the correct phase, and the planets align I might get my end away again : )

Posted: 22:34, 2012-Jul-18
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A Season Goes By

It's been annually since I last had sex with a guy (HB, the closeted bi guy, who I shagged one night when his women associate was out).

It can be regular for me to go a few several weeks, or maybe six several weeks between sex-related activities, but even I think year is too long. Certainly it is not conducive to writing a sex blog.

Posted: 22:31, 2012-Jul-18
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Gay Connection Do's and Don'ts

Gay dating… humorous, many decades ago it would have been difficult to discuss a subject like this. But not anymore! Gay dating is growing rapidly necessary and if this is what you want, then go for it! But before you do, let us discuss a few primary factors to help you get began to discovering Mr. Right.

With the start of AIDS in the beginning 80’s, the gay dating surroundings has gone through a 360 stage convert. Whereas cafes were the hub of gay lifestyle from the beginning decades of Gay Freedom to the 80’s, we now search for other locations for conference prospective associates. Before, during the fantastic decades of Gay Freedom, being gay intended bar-hopping, visiting and immediate sex. The main concept of homosexuality was immediate, carpe diem sex. However, further and more powerful methods of pertaining appeared together with the AIDS malware frighten. Progressively, gay men desired dating, courtship and more romantic, long-term connections.

Though gay connections, by their characteristics, had more sex-related undertones, they are no less in need of financial commitment, protection and constancy than those in heterosexual connections. The procedure of getting to know a gay associate is also no more slowly or faster; it requires the same financial commitment in persistence. Once you have made that accurate quality to take the gay dating work out seriously, take observe of the following guidelines of making this action more fun, satisfying and goal-oriented.

Be discerning. The concept behind dating is growing rapidly checking out the likelihood that you and this person may be passionately engaged later on. As much as you would want up to now as many gay men as possible, restrict your activities to three to five monthly. Being discerning allows you to work out persistence, persistence and management in the dating procedure. Do not be in a rush to find Mr. Right. It needs time, attempt, and several dating events to know the further part of your prospective companion. Committing a short amount of period in looking for THE one is a little cost to pay right?

Do not distract… attract! Tonight’s the night! You are going out on an occasion frame. Whether gay or not, the dating fundamentals still use. These consist of being ready – both psychologically and actually – for the occurrence. Decorate properly and venture an picture value improving.

Talk, but do not discuss your go off. The primary discussing and hearing abilities furthermore use. Prevent referring to adverse, terrible or unpleasant previous encounters during the beginning dating levels. NOBODY wants up to now a whiner. And pay attention with real attention. If you really like your some time to energy frame, hearing constantly informs him you are fascinated which will creates YOU a likely long-term relationship selection for him. Also, avoid referring to your judgment on being gay. Hello? This is not information to him. The last factor you want to discuss with him, especially on a new frame, is how challenging gay dating and gay connections can be. Talk about beneficial subjects such as typical passions, principles and existing motivators. Try to maintain attention and passion in each other for the first few activities.

Bring your pockets. Even if he was the one to encourage you out, be ready. If you people are trying out a new consuming place, it’s always better to have additional revenue for any ‘surprises’. Also, you do not know how the evening will end up. You can end up making him or him making you, so make sure that you can always get home with or without him.

Bring a present. If you are having a supper frame at his place, carry a bottles, a publication he gently described that he liked and has been looking for, meals to enhance what you will be consuming or anything that would create him think the supper frame is valued. But do not be extravagant! If this is a new frame, you do not really know him yet and he might get upset. Bring a easy and ‘non-commital’ present as well. I mean cotton connections might create him want leap out the screen. The factor to keep in thoughts here is a little careful something…

To ask or not to ask. Ok, you REALLY like him, but does he experience the same way about you? Of course you can ask him out or gently ask about his programs for next few days but do not force. But if you’re sure he prefers you returning and want to cause now, by all indicates, ask him out!

Delay satisfaction – that is, sex-related satisfaction. The concern really here is… do you like this guy FOR NOW or FOREVER. If you are looking for your life-time associate, possibilities are, it would be better to delay having sex. The suggestion is no sex for the first three times. Ouch! But do consider this

Bring a condom. Ok, I’m NOT contradicting myself; it IS always best to delay. But when the holding out is done and you people are now sure you want to take the link to quantity, do exercise secure sex after your hot date!

Happy dating, guys!

If you are Gay please visit the website:

Posted: 02:43, 2012-Jun-19
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